[Cosmo-dev] support of /dav v/s /cosmo

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 16 11:42:36 PDT 2007

In last Friday's Migration meeting we discussed that we would  
exclusively support only /dav URLs in the path going forward. We  
would deprecate /home once we upgrade to Cosmo 0.6.1.
But the default path on the Chandler desktop is /cosmo for Chandler  
Hub Sharing with Cosmo 0.6.1 server.
So what did we mean by we will only support /dav in the URLs?
Also, does that mean all users/dogfooders will have to change their  
paths to /cosmo from /dav in the desktop once we upgrade osaf.us to  

Just so that I am clear on how this is all supposed to work out once  
we migrate.

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