[Cosmo-dev] Basic move between servers

Don Levey osaf at the-leveys.us
Mon Apr 16 08:58:49 PDT 2007

Please excuse me if this has been answered before; I didn't find 
anything that addressed it (or that I could understand...).

I am upgrading my server at home, which is running the server 
bundle.  The new machine has just been installed, with the 0.6.1 bundle. 
  Ideally, what I'd like to do is simply to make a wholesale move: just 
take t he data files from the old machine, plunk them down on the new 
machine in the proper location, and go.

Is this even possible?  I don't even really know where the data is kept 
on the filesystem.  Would I need to upgrade the data (and would this be 
done prior to moving)?  It's three calendars that need to move (nothing 
heavy-duty) but I'd really rather not have to re-enter all the 
appointments by hand if at all possible.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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