[Cosmo-dev] Re: [commits-cosmo] (mde) [4084] Have to set the path for button background images dynamically

Matthew Eernisse mde at osafoundation.org
Tue Apr 10 18:05:50 PDT 2007

That sounds like a much better solution! You should be able to merge 
your changes without anything breaking. Then we can just remove the 
relevant bits of script at some point later.

Although I guess we might ought to put our heads together and agree on 
how we'll be moving our CSS to something more static, and subdivided 
into the general app areas. Let's talk new week?


Travis Vachon wrote:
> My solution was to move these styles into global.css, which is a normal 
> css file brought in with a <link> include. It appears to be working 
> great in my working copy, and I was planning on merging to trunk after 
> the 0.6.1 branch. Looks like we should chat before that happens though..

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