[Cosmo-dev] Data migration testing for 0.6.1

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Tue Apr 10 14:46:12 PDT 2007

We had a spirited time with the data migration during update last time 
osaf.us was updated.  What things do we want to do differently for the 
osaf.us to 0.6.1 update?

I haven't seen "data migration" testing on 0.6.1 test plans (sorry if I 
missed them), so I'm sorta assuming that osaf.us-focused testing will 
again be the driver for testing of the Cosmo data migration features. 
That's perfectly fine; that's one of the reasons osaf.us is there and 
I'm happy to be heavily involved.

When would people like to see a first migrated-data test instance of 
osaf.us be made available?

How is QA thinking of the migration testing?  Who's on point?  Should we 
document our migration test plan, and when?

I think we are likely to have the same approach to data migration 
testing: part automated, part manual.  Automated testing will use 
Mikeal's ICS-comparison script, and manual testing will revolve around 
volunteers looking at their private data in a migrated-data test 
instance during dedicated IRC sessions.

-- Jared

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