[Cosmo-dev] Branching

Ted Leung twl at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 5 15:50:19 PDT 2007

On Apr 5, 2007, at 2:41 PM, Bobby Rullo wrote:

> There's been some branching confusion lately, so let me just keep  
> everyone up to date on where Travis, Brian and myself are.
> We did a bunch of work prototyping Atom functionality on a branch  
> called "atomwebui" which was branched fairly recently from the  
> trunk post the merge of all the 0.6.1 work.
> Travis and I also did a bunch of work on a branch called  
> "dashboard" which was branched from trunk PRE 0.6.1 merge.
> Now since all the work I did on the "dashboard" branch will not be  
> used (it was json rpc stuff, we are going with atom instead now)  
> and since the "atomwebui" branch has much more up to date code in  
> it, I think the thing to do is just take travis's work from  
> "dashboard" and put it into "atomwebui" and THAT will be our  
> dashboard plumbing branch. Brian can do the rest of his Atom work  
> there or on the trunk as we will try and merge from trunk fairly  
> often.
> As for where mde does HIS 0.7 work....I would imagine on a special  
> mde 0.7 branch no?

I think we've reached the point with 0.6.1 that the number of changes  
should be slowing down.  So I would propose that we follow our  
previous practice and make a branch for the 0.6.1 release (dunno if  
we can reuse the old one).    All further 0.6.1 bugfixes would go  
into that branch.   This would allow the trunk to go forward and be  
used for 0.7 work.    For 0.7 work, people or groups of people can  
develop features in branches off the trunk, and periodically merge  
their changes back to the trunk when they are stable.   Here are the  
major pieces of work for 0.7 and how they relate

Timerange indexing and API's for timerange and freebusy (rletness).    
This will eventually be needed by the dashboard
Atom/GData (bcm). This is needed immediately by the dashboard
Dashboard plumbing (br, tvachon).   This is needed immediately by the  
Dashboard UI (mde).   This can proceed without the plumbing, at least  
for a while, but will eventually need the dashboard.  Right now, mde  
is blocked on the "which branch do I work in" problem.

So it seems logical to me that:

1. We branch for the 0.6.1 release
2. rletness works on the trunk
3. bcm, br, tvachon work on the atomwebui branch
4. mde works on dashboard stuff in a private branch but puts other  
changes into the trunk

Does this sound right, or am I on crazy pills?


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