[Cosmo-dev] Branching

Bobby Rullo br at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 5 14:41:32 PDT 2007

There's been some branching confusion lately, so let me just keep  
everyone up to date on where Travis, Brian and myself are.

We did a bunch of work prototyping Atom functionality on a branch  
called "atomwebui" which was branched fairly recently from the trunk  
post the merge of all the 0.6.1 work.

Travis and I also did a bunch of work on a branch called "dashboard"  
which was branched from trunk PRE 0.6.1 merge.

Now since all the work I did on the "dashboard" branch will not be  
used (it was json rpc stuff, we are going with atom instead now) and  
since the "atomwebui" branch has much more up to date code in it, I  
think the thing to do is just take travis's work from "dashboard" and  
put it into "atomwebui" and THAT will be our dashboard plumbing  
branch. Brian can do the rest of his Atom work there or on the trunk  
as we will try and merge from trunk fairly often.

As for where mde does HIS 0.7 work....I would imagine on a special  
mde 0.7 branch no?


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