[Cosmo-dev] Recurrence and the dashboard

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 5 07:28:08 PDT 2007

Hi Ted,

> Can you elaborate a bit more on this.   We've been looking at the
> Chandler dashboard spec to get an idea of the correct behaviors, but any
> insights from veteran dashboard implementors would be great.


The goal is to display only relevant occurrences of a recurrence series
in the dashboard.  We decided relevant occurrences include:

- The most recent past DONE occurrence
- Any NOW occurrences
- The nearest future LATER occurrence

Plus any occurrences which have been modified in any way

The way this is implemented on the desktop is:

- Only modifications are displayed in the dashboard, not masters or
normal occurrences

- When occurrences have their triage status purged, we look through
recurring events, unmodifying triage-only modifications that don't match
the above rules, and creating new modifications

- Similarly, when a LATER event is moved to NOW by an alarm, we
immediately create a new LATER event

- When the start time for a whole recurring series changes (if, say, a
monthly meeting that should have happened yesterday is moved forward by
a few weeks), we go through and reset triage status and create
appropriate modifications based on the new time for the event.

- The wrinkle in the above is that we *don't* reset triage status based
on date if the triage status was ever manually changed, so we track a
flag for whether such changes have ever happened on each occurrence


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