[Cosmo-dev] [Proposal] Release terminology

Priscilla Chung priscilla at osafoundation.org
Tue Sep 26 21:42:59 PDT 2006

There's been some confusion over the Cosmo release terminology. Some of 
the terms used have had different meaning for Chandler releases.

I'd like to start a discussion by proposing terminology we use to 
describe the following activities:

***Milestone* (ie. dot releases 0.5, 0.6 , 0.7 etc...):
This is a production release. When all the features are complete for a 
milestone, we branch the code for QA/release and roll on to osaf.us for 

*Snapshot* (no formal designation):
Whenever we are adding one or more high risk features, there will be a 
snapshot of the code when the feature is complete and run QA tests. We 
do not branch the code; developers fix bugs against the trunk.

I'm going to suggest that we not use the term 'Alpha' for Cosmo as a 
designation. If features are not finished within a milestone, then the 
team will decide what features to drop and put into the next milestone.

Release candidates happen on a milestone branch once its been branched 
and before its released.

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