[Cosmo-dev] Additional performance tests

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Thu Sep 14 10:03:10 PDT 2006

On 9/14/06, Jared Rhine <jared at wordzoo.com> wrote:
> If you'd like to see a tabular form of my last round of performance tests,
> but now including litmus, hammer, and /cmp/users test, all in polished
> tabular form with links to the full output of each build/test run, you are
> warmly welcomed to visit:
>   http://osaf.us/perf-test/20060914091930

neat, thanks!

what exactly happens in the
"kiloprop.caldata.mitch-3.1300N.delete-coll" test? weird to see that
deletion is so slow.

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