[Cosmo-dev] Re: Atom Publishing

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Tue Jun 27 16:42:56 PDT 2006

On 6/21/06, Elliot Lee <osafoundation at intelliot.com> wrote:
> what uses FeedServlet.java? is it used when the URI is /feed? can I
> start by trying to put in another type of feed?

to expand on what vinu said - the servlet container chooses the
servlet that handles a request by comparing the request uri to the set
of servlet mappings configured in web.xml. as you've seen, /feed/* is
mapped to FeedServlet.

> GDataConverter, which converts an event into an EventResource, is for
> importing an event from a GData feed, right?

yes, and for delivering events in the form of gdata feeds.

btw, i want to avoid using the terms "import" and "export" for this
functionality. i use those to describe the process of copying
calendars and events into or out of cosmo. i suppose this is only
subtly different from the traditional "put event" and "get event" use
cases, but i think the distinction is important.

> I also want to change /feed/atom/1.0/bcm/Calendar/ to
> /feed/bcm/Calendar/. how do the URIs relate to the jsp scripts?

jsp isn't used for feed serving at all. FeedServlet generates the
response content itself, which is different than how, in the web
console, struts performs an action and then forwards to a jsp to
output an html page.

> I saw that the feed links are in \src\webapp\WEB-INF\jsp\home\collection.jsp.

that's a web console page - totally unrelated to feeds.

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