[Cosmo-dev] Output going in to log4j

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Tue Jun 27 15:15:32 PDT 2006

In QA we're in the middle of writing a nice little client application  
that connects to a log4j telnet appender that we can query for  
verification that certain events happen in cosmo and scooby within  
our emulated client test cases.

One issue we are running in to is that in many cases there is very  
little or no output. One example is that when most successful  
requests are fulfilled there is no output suggesting "x was created"  
or "query for x return results y". There are many other places where  
this kind of output would be great, at this point it seems that very  
little successful operations in cosmo and scooby give output, unless  
we are missing an unknown filter or something.

Another suggestion from John was to see if there was a way for us to  
output all the SQL queries from derby.

I'd like to leave this open to the list, but my initial suggestion is  
that we create a few new filters that will be used for log4j output  
so that the current log files don't bloat due to the load of all this  
new output and we can just pick these up in our telnet appender. And  
I'd like to target the low hanging fruit for the next release, I  
imagine there are 10 or so places that if we added some output we  
would cover the vast majority of our need for the upcoming releases.



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