[Cosmo-dev] Cosmo and Scooby URLs

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Fri Jun 16 15:20:20 PDT 2006

On 6/17/06, Mimi Yin <mimi at osafoundation.org> wrote:

> Yup. Or ideally, iCal can launch auto-magically and the appropriate
> URL is automatically pasted into the subscribe field.

it wouldn't work quite like that. iirc, ical would launch
auto-magically and then it would ask whether you want to put the
events into an existing calendar or a new calendar.

come to think of it, that's not subscription at all. that's import. to
my knowledge, there's no way to launch ical and have it subscribe to a
remote calendar in one step. maybe wilfredo is lurking on this thread
and can tell us :)

so probably the direction to the sharee is not "subscribe with ical by
clicking here" but rather "copy this url and plug it into the
subscribe dialog in ical".

> If the Chandler user pastes the URL directly into the Subscribe
> field, we said we could make that work with special headers so Scooby
> can redirect to Cosmo? OR is that what's contentious right now?

there's no issue with having chandler subscribe to a cosmo calendar.

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