[Cosmo-dev] Cosmo and Scooby URLs

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Fri Jun 16 15:14:50 PDT 2006

On 6/17/06, Mimi Yin <mimi at osafoundation.org> wrote:
> Today, clicking on ticket URLs doesn't launch iCal for me. Are you
> saying we would need to spit out a special iCal URL in order to do this?

a url of the form
returns a response of type "text/calendar". if your os doesn't know to
launch ical for those sorts of responses, then the first time you get
that type of resource, you have to tell your browser to open ical and
to do that automatically for that type of resource in the future in
order to avoid having to manually open ical with your browser every

> What about the following scenario:
> I receive a sharing invitation, I use Outlook.
> I don't know what Apple iCal is.
> I don't know what Chandler is.
> For that matter, I don't know what Scooby is either.

i don't know. what do you (PPD) want the ignorant user to do? make
that option obviously appealing to people who don't understand the
other options.

> 2 URLS would be easier to understand:
> Read only: http://....
> Read-write: http://.....
> Once you're looking at the share on the web, then you can decide what
> to do next. Giving users all the options up front is overload.

maybe. if you're really that worried about it, then just have the
sharing invite have the scooby url. the user can click that and get a
scooby page with the preview capability and the other subscribe
options (with explanations of what they are for).

i don't have any issue with this stuff. i have issues with trying to
bushwhack in the ability for one single sharing url to be usable by
every client under the sun.

> Also, why should the Sharer care about all of these different URLS?

so that the sharer has full information about the ways his shared
collection is accessible. he might want to provide those urls to
other, smarter users out of band. he might want to write tools that
consume his shared calendar in some way. he might want to point his
movable type installation at his calendar so he can show his next five
events in the sidebar of his blog.

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