[Cosmo-dev] Cosmo and Scooby URLs

Kervin L. Pierre kervin at adevsoft.com
Thu Jun 15 06:18:41 PDT 2006

Hello Brian,

--- Brian Moseley <bcm at osafoundation.org> wrote:
> chances of (say) apple ical incorporating
> non-standard support for a
> cosmo usage of the accept header? :)

I was thinking that the standard accept
header values could be used?...
And the server would specify a default
return type.

Eg.  If a client does not specify the
Accept header it would get the iCal
data returned as returned currently.

If the Accept header is set to
'type/html' then the HTML display of the
calendar or maybe a HTTP redirect
( maybe depending on server
configuration ) would be displayed.

What would really be good was if a HTML
anchor tag attribute could affect the
HTTP Accept header that the client sends.

Best regards,

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