[Cosmo-dev] Unit tests and test files

Lisa Dusseault lisa at osafoundation.org
Wed Jun 14 17:39:23 PDT 2006

I'm trying to make progress on some REPORT and PROPFIND unit testing,  
the framework for which seems half-there.  BaseReportTestCase.java  
seems to want to use a bunch of events from files as its test data:

     private static final String[] REPORT_EVENTS = {

But I can't find these files, leading me to believe they don't exist  
yet (I also can't find any actual unit tests built off this test  
case), and I'm not sure from the way the build system works where the  
unit tests would even look for such files.  It appears the files  
would be loaded into the repository via this line of code:

         InputStream data =
             new ByteArrayInputStream(calendar.toString().getBytes());

That line of code is lline 423/424 in JcrTestHelper.java, which is in  

My plan is to create these files and continue working with the tests,  
but where should I create them so they get picked up?


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