[Cosmo-dev] Cosmo and Scooby URLs

John Townsend johntownsend at mac.com
Wed Jun 14 13:57:50 PDT 2006

This week we have been talking internally in a number of meetings  
about the URLs that Cosmo produces for Sharing. One of the desires  
has been that the ticket URLs that Chandler produces when you share  
your calendar could be used for accessing the same calendar via a  
browser and Scooby.

So for example:


represents a ticket against my work calendar. If I hand this to a  
Chandler user, they can subscribe to the calendar via CalDAV in  
Chandler. This works today just fine.

The other idea is that this could hand this URL to another user via  
email. They could click on it in their browser. It would take them to  
Cosmo and that Cosmo would redirect them to a Scooby URL with that  
ticket as a parameter. Scooby would then show the user the calenadar  
represented by the ticket. If the user has read/write ticket, they  
can edit the calendar, if its read-only they can view the calendar.  
(All of this without logging into an Account in scooby).

Right now, the URL above would perform a GET on the entire CalDAV  
collection. CalDAV currently defines this to be undefined. Cosmo has  
provided default behavior of returning an iCal file for all of the  
events in that collection.

We could change that behavior to make Cosmo redirect to a Scooby URL  
in the GET of a entire collection case. That would help to solve the  
goal of one URL to rule them all :-)

Possible concerns:
- Cosmo has no knowledge of Scooby at this point. To redirect to a  
Scooby URL, we would have to have knowledge of a running Scooby and a  
URL to it. Its possible that someone might want to run Cosmo without  
scooby. We'd have to make sure they would configure the server easily  
to handle that case.
- Is anyone depending on the current Cosmo GET behavior? How can we  
continue to provide this functionality?
- What else have I forgotten?

There are a whole range of issues on the Scooby side, but I will save  
that for the Scooby list and a future email. Right now, I would like  
to focus on the Cosmo side of things.

Please post your thoughts!

--> towns

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