[Cosmo-dev] Baselining Performance on Cosmo

John Townsend johntownsend at mac.com
Wed Jun 14 13:42:49 PDT 2006

One of the things that we would like to do in the short term is to  
put in place a small set of performance tests that measure basic  
operations that clients would do against Cosmo.

Once we have these tests in place, we would perform baseline  
measurements in a controlled setting. With each release, we would run  
these tests again to make sure that our performance in the basic set  
of operations hasn't slipped.

To get things started, Brian Moseley and I brainstormed last week  
about the "Top 5" operations that we should consider testing. Here's  
that list:

- FoxMarks usage
   - GET a regular file (WebDAV)
   - PUT a regular file (WebDAV)
   - signup via CMP

- Chandler usage
   - MKTICKET on that calendar (CalDAV)
   - PUT events into calendar (CalDAV)
   - Syncing
      - PROPFIND on calendar (both large and small calendar) (CalDAV)
      - GET on resource
      - PUT on same resource

I don't have basic Cosmo usages for Scooby. Bobby, can you help me  
out with that? Does anyone have anything else we should be measuring  

The plan is that once we have a final reviewed list, our QA team can  
go to work creating these tests and measuring these operations with  
each RC candidate that we give them. We should also be able to run  
these tests in our development environments as well.

I am posting this now and planning to do a Last Call on it on Friday  
morning. I hope to have a final list we can hand over to QA on Monday.

--> towns

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