[Cosmo-dev] Issue with same tools in multiple products.

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Wed Jun 7 18:51:43 PDT 2006

So we have a good problem, well good that we're far enough along that  
it is a problem.

As we're nearing end to end testing across the products we've quickly  
started to use the same tools and frameworks in multiple products.  
Since traditionally our process has been to keep functional testing  
tools in each products svn repository we've encountered some  
technical and process issues.

1.) People working on a given tool or framework may have different  
commit privileges in one product than another.
2.) If a tool or framework is used in two products then we have to do  
two separate commits and maintain all the same files in two  

Our current issue is that a tool I originally wrote for cosmo,  
HTTPTest, is now being used by adam to develop a tool for scooby  
testing, JSONTest. Since it lives in the cosmo repository he can't  
commit changes to it and I can't easily merge his changes in while  
I'm working on the same files to extend testing for cosmo.

Going forward we will be writing a very large framework that will be  
used by nearly every tool OSAF QA uses to test all products so this  
issue needs to be solved in a broader context than just our current  
problem with HTTPTest.

I'm open to any and all ideas for solving this problem.


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