[Cosmo-dev] Calendar sharing issues

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Fri Jun 2 07:55:53 PDT 2006

On 6/2/06, Kervin L. Pierre <kervin at adevsoft.com> wrote:

> (i)  When are ACLs planned?  Ideally we would
>    like to avoid server specific code in the
>    client; and ACLs seems to be the only
>    access control the CalDAV spec mentions
>    ( please correct me if I am wrong )

acl-based authz is high on the desired feature list, but we haven't
targeted it to a specific release yet (in fact we haven't done any
formal planning beyond 0.4 yet, mostly because i'm going on vacation
for a few weeks real soon now). i would hope sometime in the next seix

> (ii) I have seem mention of using multiple
>    URLs for access control in Cosmo, eg. having
>    a read-only and read/write URLs.  Where can
>    I get documentation on this?  Do we have to
>    use MKTICKET to acquire those?

yep, MKTICKET. have a look at

> (iii)Would it be possible to have Scooby
>    generate those read/write URLs?  The user
>    clicks a button and a read/write URL is
>    displayed so they can copy/paste into
>    another client.  This would spare clients
>    from having to support MKTICKET.

i believe ed, one of osaf's summer interns, is going to be adding
ticket support to scooby :)

you can also grant tickets on resources with cosmo's repository
browser. just browse to the resource and scroll down until you find
the tickets section. should be straightforward.

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