[Cosmo-dev] Sharing format questions

Bobby Rullo br at osafoundation.org
Tue Jul 25 14:02:46 PDT 2006

> Depending on how you look at it, tags are equivalent to collections.


> I was thinking about how to deal with items, collections/tags and  
> ACLs this morning, and I am starting to like this approach:
> - On Cosmo, Items are in a soup, identified by UUID.
> - We define the term "Principal" which represents a Ticket, an  
> Account, or a Group (where a Group can contain Accounts or other  
> Groups)
> - There are two types of Permissions: Read-only and Read-write
> - An "Access Control Entry" (ACE) indicates a certain Principal has  
> a given Permission for a given Item
> - An "Access Control List" (ACL) is a list of ACEs
> - There are special items called Tags which contain an ACL
> - The Principal who originally PUTs an item to Cosmo is the "owner"  
> and always has full permission to that item regardless of ACLs
> - An Item may be "tagged" (associated with existing Tag items) or  
> "untagged"
> - A Principal's access to an Item is determined by iterating all  
> the Tags associated with that Item and examining the ACEs to see if  
> any match that Principal; the most lenient permission wins (Read- 
> write trumps Read-only)

What if I have a specific tagged resource that I want to protect? In  
other words using your semantics I don't see how it would be possible  
to say "All 'home' collection items are read/write, except for XXXX,  
which should be read-only"

Not sure if it's an important use case, I'm just sayin'.

> - A Principal which has Read-only permission to an item may not  
> alter it in any way (including tagging/untagging); this solves the  
> problem of someone getting a hold of an item Read-only and then  
> moving to a collection they have Read-write access to and suddenly  
> being able to modify that item.

I think user's should be able to modify read-only items somehow, so  
that changes appear only on their local machine and on their account  
(Scooby needs to see this stuff too)

Once use case for this is alarms - I subscribe to a read-only  
schedule, and I want to set an alarm to remind me to go to a  
particular event. I can't though, cuz it's read-only. iCal actually  
has this problem, and it's annoyed me several times in the past.

Also, people should be able to somehow move read-only stuff into  
other collections - I should be able to copy stuff from an Office  
Address-book into my own address-book for instance. Maybe this means  
that the item is copied instead of moved, giving it a new UID, with  
some meta-data that points to the original object.

> - A Principal which has Read-write permission to an item may modify  
> or delete it; they may also tag or untag the item using any Tag  
> that the Principal has Read-write access to.  Therefore if a  
> Principal only has Read-only access to a Tag, they may not  
> associate that Tag with any items even if they have Read-write  
> access to those items.  In other words, just because I have write  
> access to an Item doesn't mean I can add it to any Tag I want -- I  
> must have been granted Read-write permission for that Tag also.

Right, you shouldn't be able to pollute other people's collections.
> There are some details to work out, for sure.  Such as:
> - Who can modify the ACL of a Tag?  Any Principal which has a Read- 
> write ACE in that ACL?
> - Should Tags be hierarchical?

Would be nice. I would hate to give up the hierarchies I have in iCal.

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