[Cosmo-dev] cosmo data model

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Tue Jul 25 12:50:16 PDT 2006

On 7/25/06, rletness at simdeskcorp.com <rletness at simdeskcorp.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to figure out what "item soup" means.  I see a bunch of items
> for a particular user, which can be grouped into collections.  An
> example of an item is an event, which exists in a calendar colleciton.
> Is this accurate?  Can collections contain other collections?

we're exploring this in other threads on the list. see morgen's most
recent msg in the sharing format thread, for example.

there's been a lot of discussion already, and i don't want to repeat
it all here, but briefly, we're discussing the notion that items in
chandler aren't "owned" by collections and can belong in multiple
collections simultaneously, and we're thinking about applying this
same model to cosmo. an item wouldn't exist in a collection per se,
and so a uri or a parent collection name wouldn't be appropriate as an
attribute of an item. the dav-style hierarchy would be only one way to
view the items accessible by a given user, mapped onto the flat
namespace in which items are only uniquely identified by uuid, not

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