[Scooby-dev] Re: [Cosmo-dev] VOTE: cosmo/scooby merge

Matthew Eernisse mde at osafoundation.org
Tue Jul 25 09:49:05 PDT 2006

Where does this idea come from that Web client won't be able to pull 
data from a remote Cosmo (or other server)? The ability to pull data 
from multiple sources is to me an absolutely fundamental requirement for 
the Web client -- merged or not.

Even after a merge, the UI will still make HTTP requests to the backend 
and get the results back as a string of JSON. An HTTP client library on 
the server can easily proxy the client requests through to a remote 
Cosmo server, and responses back. Any server that can produce a valid 
string of JSON can serve as a data source for the Web client.

We would still have the issue of authing the user on the remote Cosmo, 
and managing the list of remote servers for a user -- but that will be 
the same whether we merge the two projects or not.


Jared Rhine wrote:
> I feel the inability to do something like point a Scooby UI at a remote data
> server favors developer workflows over the real-world of deployments/updates
> and will be a thorn in the side of admins.

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