[Cosmo-dev] Cosmo/Scooby Merge (Please read and comment)

Kervin L. Pierre kervin at adevsoft.com
Thu Jul 13 16:33:58 PDT 2006

--- Brian Moseley <bcm at osafoundation.org> wrote:
> days in a release cycle is mainly irrelevant to me.
> i'm more excited
> about the opportunity for bobby to become intimately
> familiar with the
> cosmo internal apis and be able to take over for me
> if i get hit by a
> bus - or if somebody asks him about them at a con.

Cosmo seems to grow in scope, and does Scooby.
Merging the two may make it more difficult for
outsiders to modify extend the codebase in the
future.  It's all OSAF effort now, but if the
project succeeds in building a community, as I
believe it intends, then this design choice
may hinder new developers.

Successful open source servers tend to have
small cores and allow extensions via modules
it seems.

> with the two merged
> into a single webapp, the scooby ui can take
> advantage of the same
> internal apis that the cosmo protocol handlers use,
> removing several
> layers from the stack that data must traverse.

But that's only true on Cosmo and Scooby
sit on the same server, correct?  For
large deployments, like universities, you'd
still need some sought of remoting it seems.

Also, is there always going to be a 1-to-1
relationship between Cosmo and Scooby
instances?  Shouldn't the design plan for
instances when that is not the case?

Best regards,

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