[Cosmo] snarf

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 31 22:11:06 PST 2006

On 1/31/06, Heikki Toivonen <heikki at osafoundation.org> wrote:

> However, at the moment I have a hard time seeing how this is going to
> help people developing Cosmo. Even assuming my current snarf build
> problems are temporary, I don't see how requiring me to pull and build
> both Cosmo and Snarf and to run some additional scripts to copy war
> files around just to run Cosmo makes anything easier for me. Not to
> mention the new steps required to deploy wars, which I assume would be
> easy to forget (well, I won't personally run into this unless I actually
> write something in Java I guess). Is there something obvious I am missing?

i think there must be ;) no additional scripts or copyying wars around
are required for anything. you simply:

1) build the cosmo webapp by running 'maven war:inplace'
2) build snarf to give yourself a servlet container configured up with
a jackrabbit repository and a javamail session
3) change one line of the tomcat config file to point at your cosmo build

once you've done steps 2 and 3 one time, you should not have to do
them again unless snarf itself changes - and if it does, i'll send out
mail with a recipe for updating.

if you are comfortable running tomcat, you don't even need to use
snarf. i just suggested snarf as a shortcut for folks who don't know
much about tomcat.

and for what it's worth, i didn't build snarf to help people
developing cosmo (though using the extermal container with maven
war:inplace certainly makes cosmo ui development easier). we've always
planned to have a webapp-only distribution of cosmo and a bundled
distribution with tomcat, jackrabbit, cosmo, etc.

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