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Ted Leung twl at osafoundation.org
Mon Jan 23 15:58:54 PST 2006

Hi all,

One of the things we're trying to do in the community space is to try  
and hook up with people who could contribute on a sustained basis.   
One avenue for doing this is via Oregon State University's (OSU) Open  
Source Lab (OSL).    Among other things, the OSL has graduate  
students who are (right now!) looking for master's degree projects,  
which means a 20+hr/wk project that could last  as long as 2 years.

I'd like to see whether we can think of any projects that:
1) could contribute to getting Chandler/Cosmo/Scooby out the door  
faster (perhaps in an area where we aren't planning to do a lot of  
work right away).
2) could be done by someone at OSL in conjunction with some mentoring/ 
support from the Chandler community / OSAF staff.

As examples, these are some Mozilla projects that were suitable as  
projects for OSL students

          a) Security
                  i) Javascript security models - how to keep runtime
                        content safe
                  ii) Analyzing the Mozilla code base for security bugs
                  iii) Comparative security of closed/open-source
                        (IE/Mozilla) - i.e. could do an analysis of past
                        data,      bug fix times, etc
                  iv) Extension security
          b) Javascript debugging tools - how to build a workable
          debugger for
                a dynamic web language
          c) XUL Development tools - how to build a visual GUI builder
          for XUL applications
          d) RSS - how to build discoverable RSS reading into the
          e) UI/User Experience projects
                  i) Tabbed browsing - how to make it discoverable for
                        users, how to manage with many tabs open etc
                  ii) Bookmarks management - how to manage very large
                  and dynamic sets of bookmarks

Please reply to this message with your ideas
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