[Cosmo] Cosmo Doc in DocBook

Glen FPD Main Ritchie glnritchie at floatingpointdesigns.com
Mon Jan 23 14:31:09 PST 2006

HI Brian,

Ok, that sounds fair. I know this isn't a short term thing. So,
hopefully in a month. I'll start the assembly.

Otherwise, I do have lots of ground to cover. For one, to install and
try out Cosmo with Chandler.

= So, I'll just go ahead & strive for a most compatible DocBook
standard. While, leaving the particulars of how it does or doesn't fit
into your projects archives, to you developers.

If you have a suggestion for "what is" the first need? or most pressing.
I'm certainly open to suggestions. Otherwise, looking at a end-user
guide seems like a good start.

Later, Glen

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> after thinking about this a bit more, i believe the best approach is
> for you to create whatever docs you think will be useful, license them
> as you believe appropriate, and post them wherever you choose.
> assuming that the cosmo committers find your documents useful, we'll
> link to them from the appropriate places (the cosmo project web site
> primarily) so that cosmo users can easily find them, making clear that
> these documents are your work, not that of the cosmo project.
> if your effort turns out to be sustained and of high quality, the
> cosmo committers may decide to ask you to donate your work to the
> project under a license compatible with the apache 2.0 license and/or
> join the project as a committer, but we don't need to cross that
> bridge until we come to it. as ted explained in his earlier message,
> we intend to run cosmo as a meritocracy, which means that committer
> status must be earned with sustained high quality contributions.
> glen, i think this addresses your concerns and doesn't jump the gun
> too much with worries about the mechanics of contributing directly to
> the project. i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

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