[Cosmo] Re: Informationweek.

Brian Kirsch bkirsch at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 17 10:55:46 PST 2006

We have used the jrockit VM and tools to improve performance and squash 
leaks and had great success.

Let me know what day and time would work. I am in San Francisco (PST)  
this week. I am unavailable Thursday from 12:00 pm to 2pm PST.


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Marcus Hirt wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> My name is Marcus, and I'm an engineer on the JRockit team in Sweden. 
> I found your analysis of Cosmo at 
> http://leilani.osafoundation.org/~bkirsch/memleak/ 
> <http://leilani.osafoundation.org/%7Ebkirsch/memleak/>. It's nice to 
> see the JRockit tools being put to good use. :)
> There are still relatively few that know about these tools. Charles 
> Babcock from InformationWeek is currently writing an article about the 
> Memory Leak Detector, and I'm currently scanning the web for someone 
> that likes the tool and has used it to solve real world problems.  
> Would you be interested in talking to Charles about how you use the 
> Memory Leak Detector? He would be able to talk to you a.m. Wednesday 
> or any time Thursday and/or Friday.
> Thanks for your time!
> Kind regards,
> Marcus
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