[Cosmo] Re: cosmo work

Ted Leung twl at osafoundation.org
Thu Jan 12 17:05:06 PST 2006

On Jan 12, 2006, at 2:41 PM, Brian Moseley wrote:

> On 1/12/06, Ted Leung <twl at osafoundation.org> wrote:
>> I just noticed that there is no freshmeat.net entry for Cosmo or
>> Scooby.   One step to getting more help is letting people know we are
>> here.   Freshmeat is a good way to get our projects noticed.
> by design... there has been some resistance to publicizing cosmo and
> scooby until they are a bit further along. maybe that's changed? if
> so, i'd be happy to post to freshmeat, the server side, etc.

If you don't tell anybody you are out there, how can they come help  
you.  Hyping is one thing.   Quietly creating records in freshmeat  
seems pretty safe.  The Serverside is a different story.

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