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Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Thu Jan 12 14:37:02 PST 2006

Brian Moseley wrote:
> whatever choice is made, we should have some kind of harness that lets
> us vary the amount of load that we put on the server and that records
> the relevent output in a way that's easy for us to publish (on the
> wiki, in a document, etc). that probably means html and/or pngs.

Ok, I can see how I could make that work with an extension to hammer, or
using a headless Chandler (good thing about that would be that we would
really get the traffic that Chandler generates, bad in the sense that it
would bring in the huge bundle that is Chandler into the picture).

> aside from putting load on cosmo and testing various scalability
> scenarios, jared has requested a suite of functional tests that he can
> run to verify a cosmo-demo upgrade. it strikes me that this might be
> similar/the same/a subset of whatever tests qa uses/will use to accept
> a cosmo build. but then again, maybe not, i'm not up to speed on
> testing methodology ;)

This I am much less clear about. I'll check with Aparna to find out what
she currently does and go from there.

> i rank the functional tests as higher priority, since we do have a
> basic load testing setup that has gotten us quite far with 0.2.

Good to know.

> thanks heikki, glad to have you aboard! and if anybody out there in
> the world feels the urge to lend a hand, let us know :)

Thanks. It's going to be interesting for me to work on this, as I
haven't done much server stuff before. Also Java is pretty new to me -
my only touch with it so far has been two patches I wrote for the Pydev
Eclipse plugin.

  Heikki Toivonen

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