[Cosmo] Time Range Query Problem

Cyrus Daboo cyrus+lists.cosmo at daboo.name
Thu Jan 12 06:32:32 PST 2006

Hi Bobby,

--On January 11, 2006 2:09:54 PM -0500 Bobby Rullo <br at osafoundation.org> 

> Ok. I think I got you so let me get this straight:
> If I want to get all the events (floating or otherwise!) for a given
> timezone I need to either
> 	1) Pass the timezone in the with the timerange
>          2) Convert the desired date range into UTC and use these UTC
> times as the time range

Not quite - you always use UTC date-times in the time-range element. You 
need to adjust that as appropriate for the client timezone (i.e. if you 
want one days worth of events in US/Pacific, that would be 
start=20060112080000Z, end=20060113080000Z. That will take care of matching 
any non-floating events on the server. To properly match floating events 
(which includes date only events) you should also provide the timezone 
object in the timezone element in the report request. That will allow the 
server to correctly determine that an all day event for 20060113 is NOT 
supposed to be returned

> But in Cosmo, only option 2) will work now, right?

Right now cosmo does not parse the timezone element in the report but 
internally it does use a timezone when forming the query - that right now 
defaults to UTC. What remains to do is hook up the timezone element and the 
calendar-timezone proeprty

Cyrus Daboo

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