[Cosmo] Naming: Scooby/Cosmo bundle vs. Snarf

Priscilla Chung priscilla at osafoundation.org
Wed Feb 22 19:03:18 PST 2006

The naming of the Scooby/Cosmo bundle: Snarf has been brought up  
again in the Scooby meeting today. I know in past threads there was a  
comment about naming this bundle something a bit more appropriate so  
that people who do download 'Snarf' will have some context on what  
they just downloaded.

That said, the question is there any reason to keep the name 'Snarf'  
opposed to changing it to something like Scooby/Cosmo bundle? Or is  
anyone else has a better suited name for this bundle?

(My Disclaimer: Not that I personally am opposed to the naming of  
Snarf and do understand the reason for giving this bundle a name and  
it's own home page.)

PS-Could I ask people to reply just to the Scooby list, to save  
people the headache of receiving e-mails twice. Thanks!

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