[Cosmo] cosmo 0.2.8 plans

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 21 17:11:41 PST 2006

an osaf internal project using cosmo 0.2.7 has run into some
scalability problems that we're going to attempt to address with a
0.2.8 release.

specifically, when we automate the signup of tens of thousands of
accounts in a cosmo server, it becomes apparent that the length of
time a signup request takes is exponentially proportional to the
number of accounts already in the server. that's, uh, no good.

the problem appears to be the fact that each account's home directory
is stored in the jackrabbit repository as a child node of the
workspace's root node.

in versions of jackrabbit more than a couple weeks older than 0.9 (one
of which cosmo uses), some community experience had indicated that the
performance of saving a node degraded further for each additional
child node added.

for 0.2.8, we plan to upgrade to jackrabbit 0.9 (in fact, i'm putting
the finishing touches on that now). if this doesn't adequately address
the problem, we'll consider additional steps like inserting
intermediary nodes between the workspace root node and the home
directory nodes (even if we don't do that for 0.2.8, we'll probably do
it sometime before 1.0).

the upgrade to jackrabbit 0.9 will probably contain a few other
incidental bug fixes as well.

i hope that this work will only take a few days. my remaining 0.3 bug
fixes are on hold until i finish this new work. bkirsch will continue
with his 0.3 bugs.

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