[Cosmo] Fwd: [Scooby] Summary of the landing page content brainstorm

Pieter Hartsook hartsook at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 21 16:38:19 PST 2006

Attached is the list of landing page content proposed for the Scooby landing
page. BCM and I had discussed the content requirements for a Cosmo landing
page with the following content. Please take a look and comment on what you
think we should have or not have on the Cosmo page.


(see example of the draft Cosmo page <

Current version tracker header (like the Chandler landing page)
Download arrow button in header (like the Chandler landing page, but not
dynamic and not platform specific)
What Is Cosmo? Summary as the main content on the page
License statement with URL link to the Apache license.

Navigation sidebar buttons that lead to Cosmo project secondary pages:
Release Notes
Client Setup
Get involved
Group blog
Mail lists
IRC chat
Give us feedback
For developers
Who's using Cosmo servers
About OSAF

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From: Priscilla Chung <priscilla at osafoundation.org>
Date: Feb 21, 2006 3:47 PM
Subject: [Scooby] Summary of the landing page content brainstorm
To: scooby at osafoundation.org

Here's the summary of what was discussed of the Scooby landing page. The
next steps are to move forward and assign people for the task of building
the content of this landing page. Please speak up before EOD today if you
object/ make changes to any of the following:

 + To be able to look at a demo of Scooby 0.1
 + What is Scooby? What Scooby 0.1 is not but will be in future: In the near
term it will also be the way for Chandler users to view shared calendar
information on the web.
 + A technical perspective of 'what makes Scooby different from other AJAX
 + Link to download the code, information on the download package (download
instructions, read me text?)
 + Scooby is an AJAX calendar and have access to the AJAX libraries and know
where to find them
 + Have "some" developer documentation, it talks to Cosmo, a CalDAV server
also being developed by OSAF, architecture diagram
 + Known bug list, perhaps linking to bugzilla: "bugs filed in the last
week" or "bugs with the most votes" or "recent bugs with the most dupes"
 + How to get involved, lists, bugzilla, IRC etc.

Thanks, -Priscilla

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