[Cosmo] Cosmo 0.2.7 & Sunbird 0.3a1

stephen farrell steve at farrell.org
Tue Feb 21 14:54:50 PST 2006

And how do I specify the collection?  Just going to /home/spf seems to 
give me an HTML listing.

Brian Moseley wrote:
> On 2/21/06, stephen farrell <steve at farrell.org> wrote:
>>So I guess my implied question then is why Sunbird *can't* find the
>>resources?  I thought they were ok for interop?
> because it solely uses reports, according to my understanding.
> you can use sunbird's webdav to share your calendar as a single
> "webcal" style icalendar resource, but no caldav clients will be able
> to access it as a calendar.
> tho i haven't tried using sunbird with cosmo 0.3, it hopefully works
> ;) i'll know more about that in the next couple weeks.
>>A related question -- I have a home-brew app that plows through a
>>vcalendar and puts a display on my door of my appointments for that day.
>>  Is there a way to get back all of the .ics files concatenated into a
> yep - if you do a GET on the calendar collection, cosmo will return a
> "webcal" style view of the calendar collection. this lets clients like
> ical subscribe to a calendar collection, even if they can't publish to
> it.
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