[Cosmo] Cosmo 0.2.7 & Sunbird 0.3a1

stephen farrell steve at farrell.org
Tue Feb 21 14:42:13 PST 2006

Thanks Brian.

So I guess my implied question then is why Sunbird *can't* find the 
resources?  I thought they were ok for interop?

A related question -- I have a home-brew app that plows through a 
vcalendar and puts a display on my door of my appointments for that day. 
  Is there a way to get back all of the .ics files concatenated into a 

Brian Moseley wrote:
> On 2/21/06, Brian Kirsch <bkirsch at osafoundation.org> wrote:
>>Hi Steve,
>>We are still in the process of implementing the REPORT functionality.
>>The .0.2.7 release does not support REPORTS.
>>We will be releasing Cosmo .3 in the next two to three weeks. This
>>release will support REPORTS although some functionality such as
>>free-busy we still not be complete.
> the freebusy report is implemented on calendar collections. what we
> don't support is the ability to do a depth > 1 report on arbitrary
> collections. you could theoretically send a report to your home
> collection (eg /home/bcm/) and expect the server to roll up the
> freebusy info from each calendar collection within, but cosmo ain't
> there yet.
> also, steve: evolution probably is able to find your events by doing a
> propfind on your calendar collection and digging out the resources
> with names that end in ".ics" or with content type "text/calendar".
> that's the poor server's report ;)
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