[Cosmo] Question about privileges & tickets

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Wed Feb 15 15:42:18 PST 2006

One issue we've been having with Chandler and tickets is that it's  
hard to determine what  privileges you've been granted with a ticket.

Especially once we have/are using <CalDAV:view-free-busy> tickets, it  
would be nice to be able to tell what privileges a ticket gives you:  
This way, clients can tell what kind of REPORT to issue (or, for  
offline clients, like Chandler, whether or not to GET all the events).

My hope was to be able to use the <ticketdiscovery> property for  
this. In other words, if a client issues a <ticketdiscovery> PROPFIND  
request that's authorized via a ticket, servers would be required to  
include <ticketinfo> for that ticket in the response. Sadly, this  
doesn't seem to work with either xythos or cosmo, and is also not  
required by the ticket internet draft.

Does this sound like a reasonable feature request for cosmo (and/or  
future revisions of the ticket draft, if that moves forward)?


[FWIW, Chandler currently only deals with <DAV:read> and <DAV:write>  
tickets, so Chandler is able to tell whether you have write access  
via a somewhat cheesy manoeuvre that works for cosmo: We MKCOL a  
collection underneath your calendar collection, see whether that  
succeeds, and then DELETE it. This is the underlying reason why  
subscribing to an Oracle server's CalDAV calendar gives you a read- 
only share in Chandler].

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