[Cosmo] Proposal for new automation architecture

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Thu Feb 9 19:22:28 PST 2006

In trying to add features in to the current Chandler automation  
system (CATS) we ran in to a lot of problems that are going to  
permanently block certain feature development.

Instead of just trying to hack at CATS until it can do what we want I  
have written a proposal for a complete overhaul of our automation  
system in the form of a new framework I'm calling OAF (Open  
Automation Framework).

The new design would fix all the current issues we have with CATS as  
well as provide a modular architecture for future improvements and a  
faster response to automation of new features in Chandler.

It also is _not_ Chandler specific, the framework is totally open and  
modular and could be leveraged for automation of all other OSAF  
products provided that the automation can be accomplished in python  
(which in most cases it can).

I've written up the proposal here;


We are planning a meeting in Gotham next Thursday (16th) @ 3pm to got  
over the design and anyone who is interested can attend. I have also  
reserved the conference bridge so anyone remote can dial in.



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