[Cosmo] integrated server bundle proposal

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Wed Feb 8 15:16:04 PST 2006

i propose that whenever a scooby or cosmo release is made, bear causes
a new snarf tarball to built, with the name
cosmo-x.x-scooby-y.y-bundle.tar.gz, and links it from the download
page of the "primary" product being released.

similarly, at the appropriate interval (1 day? 1 week), a snapshot
version of the snarf tarball should be built along with the snapshot
versions of cosmo and scooby and made available from the continuous
build downloads area with the name

we can move the Projects.SnarfHome and associated wiki pages to
Projects.CosmoScoobyIntegratedBundleHome or something similar if that
would make people feel more comfortable. we should most certainly link
the snarf install pages from the cosmo and scooby install pages, and
similarly for build docs and faqs.

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