[Cosmo] 0.3 release planning

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 7 15:19:26 PST 2006

i think we have most if not all of the information we need to make a
decision on whether or not to make a cosmo 0.3 release in time for
scooby 0.1:

 * bugs are triaged
 * i wrote a proposal for an upgrade tool
 * ui has been reviewed by the design team - some P3 bugs (nice to
have but not necessary for release) will come out of this

i'm pretty confident that we can get the currently assigned bugs
(including the upgrade tool) knocked out in the next couple of weeks.
only 10 of the 25 bugs are P1 or P2, so we can certainly drop some of
the P3s if necessary to be ready earlier (though i think one day of
concerted effort will knock out many of those P3s).

my biggest remaining concern is that we don't have any sort of test
plan. sure we've got litmus and silmut, but everything else is going
to need to be done by hand. how do we approach defining the manual
tests we need? who runs them? how do we decide when the code is of
sufficient quality for release?

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