[Cosmo-dev] Revised migration tested

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Thu Dec 14 20:15:14 PST 2006

I've now tested Randy's Java-based migration infrastructure.  Seems to

No additional testing of the results has been performed, compared to the
earlier testing of the straight-SQL version.  (That's because the
majority of this work was finalizing automation of Maven 2-based builds
and other "catch up" work.)

Migration speed was about the same, about 2.3 minutes for 6353 events.

The resulting instance would not start because (from osafsrv.log):

  found schema version 0.6-SNAPSHOT
  Schema version does not match (0.6-SNAPSHOT:@VERSION@

I found that my built version of Cosmo had
"WEB-INF/classes/cosmo.version.txt" with "@VERSION@".  Replacing this
with "0.6-SNAPSHOT" manually allowed the newly migrated instance to
start with no further complaints or problems observed.  I assume this
behavior isn't seen in other configurations; please confirm either way.

The resulting "migrated osaf.us" instance is again at:


It'd be great if people did spot checks of the data they find in this
instance compared with their dogfood accounts on osaf.us.  No
differences (as of 2006-12-14 6pm) should be seen.  We're particular
interested in recurrence, long description fields, non-event data,
timezones, and any border cases.  Just a spot-check would be helpful;
we'll be proceeding to a well-defined "manual QA" list for migrated data
in the upcoming weeks. 

Jared Rhine <jared at wordzoo.com>

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