[Cosmo] A couple notes from today's cosmo test session

Lisa Dusseault lisa at osafoundation.org
Fri Dec 16 15:53:32 PST 2005

Thanks for everybody who participated in the test session today.  I 
asked a few people what we know now that we didn't know before...

We saw
  - several instances of conflict messages in the Cosmo log. We know 
that if Chandler users try to make changes to the same event at the 
same time, this will happen.
  - reasonable performance at some points, poor performance at some 
points due to garbage collection
  - mem problems seem to be fixed
  - certainly works for a dozen people using it somewhat aggressively
  - Jeffrey and Morgen are debugging the unfamiliar "incomplete event" 
error messages - XML files without ICS files - betting it's a client 
  - Tested "Webcal compatibility" (upload entire calendar in PUT in one 
ICS file) and it didn't work.  Opened bug 4860 - BCM is on it.

The management console stuff that helps Brian K debug the server only 
got working just after the test session but it's in place now for 
future efforts.


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