[Commits] (heikki) One more place where I forgot a parameter...

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Tue Aug 31 20:36:24 PDT 2004

Commit by: heikki
Modified files:
hardhat/buildscripts/newchandler.py 1.35 1.36

Log message:
One more place where I forgot a parameter...

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Index: hardhat/buildscripts/newchandler.py
diff -u hardhat/buildscripts/newchandler.py:1.35 hardhat/buildscripts/newchandler.py:1.36
--- hardhat/buildscripts/newchandler.py:1.35	Fri Aug 27 22:07:17 2004
+++ hardhat/buildscripts/newchandler.py	Tue Aug 31 20:36:22 2004
@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@
 def forceBuildNextCycle(log, workingDir):
-    doRealclean(log)
+    doRealclean(log, workingDir)
     # We trigger build for next cycle by removing /chandler/Makefile,
     # which will be noticed as an 'update' in the beginning of next
     # cycle which will cause doInstall etc. to be called.

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