[Commits] (morgen) Adding a cloud (with no endpoints) to Item, so that all items will

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Mon Aug 16 09:38:39 PDT 2004

Commit by: morgen
Modified files:
chandler/repository/packs/schema.pack 1.18 1.19
chandler/repository/packs/schema/model/clouds/Item.cloud None 1.1

Log message:
Adding a cloud (with no endpoints) to Item, so that all items will
at least be a member of their own default cloud.

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Index: chandler/repository/packs/schema.pack
diff -u chandler/repository/packs/schema.pack:1.18 chandler/repository/packs/schema.pack:1.19
--- chandler/repository/packs/schema.pack:1.18	Tue Jul  6 11:02:02 2004
+++ chandler/repository/packs/schema.pack	Mon Aug 16 09:38:37 2004
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
       <item file="Clouds.namespace" cwd="clouds">
         <item file="Kind.cloud" />
         <item file="Attribute.cloud" />
+        <item file="Item.cloud" />
       <item file="Mixins.namespace" />

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