[chandler-users] Fwd: Do not use the link you just received from me!

Keith Carr keith at keithandruth.me.uk
Mon Mar 14 09:01:39 PDT 2011


Within a few hours of emailing you about copying and printing I received 
two emails both purporting to come from Joshua Carlson (see forwarded 
message below). The first message was clearly some sort of scam inviting 
me to click on a link. The second message is below, and is 
self-explanatory. Fortunately, Carlson includes the addresses he emailed 
to warn/apologise. The only address in it that is on my own mailing list 
is chandler-users at osafoundation.org, which I had emailed earlier this 

I suspect, therefore, that your email address list is compromised, and 
would be grateful if you could investigate this.

Best wishes

Keith Carr

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Subject: 	Do not use the link you just received from me!
Date: 	Mon, 14 Mar 2011 08:59:34 -0500
From: 	Joshua Carlson <carlsojos at gmail.com>
To: 	Amy Unger <amylizunger at gmail.com>, Anderson at eastmolineglass.com, 
Benoit Renard <benoit at gawab.com>, bsajack at yahoo.com, 
careers at ceciowa.com, chandler-users at osafoundation.org, 
choicescript at googlegroups.com, Christian Eichert 
<eichertc at googlemail.com>, customerservice at pachildren.com, David Lambert 
<dplambert at excite.com>, dcruse at ryangrp.com, Deborah Girard 
<Deborah.Girard at illinois.gov>, dianedunn at essigs.com, 
garypatch at hotmail.com, "Henriques Marco, VAF MTU France SAS" 
<Marco.Henriques at mtu-online.com>, Henriques at mtu-online.com, hope 
<hopetim at winco.net>, Human Resources <HR at centroinc.com>, J M 
<neongreenbassoon at yahoo.com>, "Jesse @ Pandora" <jessep at pandora.com>, 
jlseeley at rockwellcollins.com, Joshua Carlson <carlsojos at gmail.com>, 
Keith Carr <keith at keithandruth.me.uk>, "Lipner, Jason" 
<Jason_Lipner at dell.com>, Mike Gowdy <mgowdy at chenhallstaffing.com>, 
nvogel at mail.bradl, nvogel at mail.bradley.edu, Omri Haiven 
<ohaiven at gmail.com>, pandora-support at pandora.com, paul webb 
<pawebby at gmail.com>, pmckeownjr at gmail.com, Pyrohazardous at yahoo.com, 
Roger Smith <HumanResources-AIL3 at tmkrms.com>, Sandra Van Den Ham 
<sandravandenham at telus.net>, sconnelly at morrison.tec.il.us, Scott 
Connelly <scottc at morrison.tec.il.us>, skinner at stopandshop.com, Stuart 
Skinner <stuart.skinner at stopandshop.com>, support at fanfiction.com, 
support at twotowersgames.com, Susan Allen <susan at techstaffia.com>, 
takesomethingliterally at gmail.com, tefinous at live.com, Todd Anderson 
<Todd.Anderson at eastmolineglass.com>, Zehava <darkruler at gmail.com>

I have reason to suspect that someone may have used my email account a 
couple hours ago, and that person appears to have sent messages to some 
of you.  DO NOT follow any links from my email address!  I have already 
taken measures to prevent this from happening again, and I apologize for 
any inconvenience this causes you.

-Joshua Carlson

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