[chandler-users] Alarms, Chandler Desktop & syncing

Davor Cubranic davor.cubranic at alumni.cs.ubc.ca
Wed May 27 21:25:08 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 27 May 2009 00:27:31 Owen wrote:
> Thanks.
> Have you any suggestions as to why the conflict occurs? As far as I
> can see I am doing the same thing every time. I am using Chandler
> Desktop on my laptop at work, and syncing manually with Chandler Hub.
> Then going home and opening the desktop computer there, and syncing
> that from Chandler Hub.

I see it fairly often when syncing between my two machines after one of 
them has been turned off for a while. It seems to first go through its 
copy of events, updates the status on events/items that have become due 
and belong to Now, and then syncs and finds out that on the other 
machine I already updated them to Done, so the change to Done is marked 
as a conflict. I wonder if you don't see it for timed events because 
these are usually changed to the same value both locally and with the 


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