[chandler-users] Missing Collections

Davor Cubranic cubranic at cs.ubc.ca
Wed May 27 10:49:43 PDT 2009

You need to select ("overlay") your collections for inclusion in the
calendar view. Look at the little icon to the left of the collection
name. If the icon has a white background, it's not selected: hover the
mouse over it and you will see it turn to a checkmark with a coloured
background. Now click, and the collection will be selected, turning the
icon's background to the collection's colour and showing the
collection's events in the calendar.

Note that you have to click on the icon, not the collection name.
Clicking on the name will make the collection the target for newly
created events.


On Wed, 27 May 2009, May Lovelace wrote:

> Hello!
> When I load Chandler, none of the collections are listed and no appts are 
> listed on the Calendar. If I go to Dashboard, the appts are all listed, and 
> when I open the online version my collections are there. I double checked to 
> make sure that Chandler was subscribed to the appropriate account and that 
> sharing was all set up. I've also tried syncing it, however nothing seems to 
> work.
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