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Owen owen at owenkelly.net
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Have you any suggestions as to why the conflict occurs? As far as I can see
I am doing the same thing every time. I am using Chandler Desktop on my
laptop at work, and syncing manually with Chandler Hub. Then going home and
opening the desktop computer there, and syncing that from Chandler Hub.

It seems that the conflict might have something to do with alarms, since I
have only noticed the issue with starred "tasks" that have been given a
Later status and set to have a custom alarm flip them to Now. Events never
seem to be problematic in this way.


On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 10:23, Nitin Gupta
<nitin.gupta at srishtitechnet.com>wrote:

>  About the red tab while syncing, it comes when there is a conflict
> between the source and destination data objects. Conflict handling is left
> upto the user and so the information is displayed in the red tab. You don’t
> see this every time because it comes only when there is a conflict.
> -Nitin
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> Hi,
> I have noticed two problems with alarms on Chandler Desktop.
> 1. The global preferences for creating a new collection (or for
> reinstalling all your collections when the Desktop app collapses yet again)
> are set not to sync alarms. In fact only 2 of the 5 available sync options
> are switched on by default.
> IMHO this is dopey. Either they should all be off (or all on) by default,
> or - even better - there should be an option to set global preferences that
> can then be changed on an individual collection basis. At the moment the
> first 2 options (Triage status and Event status) are hard-coded to be on by
> default. Much better to give us a global Options that sets the defaults.
> 2. I am syncing 2 computers via Chandler Hub, and sometimes, but not
> always, when I change something on one computer and sync the other, it shows
> up at the old time, but with a red band in the details pane telling me that
> I have to confirm a change. I have yet to figure out what causes this, since
> as I say it only happens sometimes. I suspect, from a recent discussion,
> that it is something to do with which computer the change originates on, or
> whether or not the collection was begun on the Hub or the Desktop.
> I would really appreciate a clear description of how I can link my personal
> diary/tasklist on 2 or 3 computers, using Chandler Hub, in such a way that
> Chandler is aware they are to be kept in sync and not treated as different
> people sharing a group calendar.
> Cheers
> Owen
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