[chandler-users] Alarms, Chandler Desktop & syncing

Owen owen at owenkelly.net
Wed May 27 00:11:54 PDT 2009


I have noticed two problems with alarms on Chandler Desktop.

1. The global preferences for creating a new collection (or for reinstalling
all your collections when the Desktop app collapses yet again) are set not
to sync alarms. In fact only 2 of the 5 available sync options are switched
on by default.

IMHO this is dopey. Either they should all be off (or all on) by default, or
- even better - there should be an option to set global preferences that can
then be changed on an individual collection basis. At the moment the first 2
options (Triage status and Event status) are hard-coded to be on by default.
Much better to give us a global Options that sets the defaults.

2. I am syncing 2 computers via Chandler Hub, and sometimes, but not always,
when I change something on one computer and sync the other, it shows up at
the old time, but with a red band in the details pane telling me that I have
to confirm a change. I have yet to figure out what causes this, since as I
say it only happens sometimes. I suspect, from a recent discussion, that it
is something to do with which computer the change originates on, or whether
or not the collection was begun on the Hub or the Desktop.

I would really appreciate a clear description of how I can link my personal
diary/tasklist on 2 or 3 computers, using Chandler Hub, in such a way that
Chandler is aware they are to be kept in sync and not treated as different
people sharing a group calendar.


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