[chandler-users] how do I link an Item to more than one Collection?

Doug Rowe dhrowe at mac.com
Sun May 24 11:10:48 PDT 2009

I thought that multiple collection linking was one of the chandler  
"wows"  to link something to more than one collection.

I created one in the default 'Work'  and now I want to add it to some  
other collection that I created.  Or if that is impossible to move it  
between collections??

Can't seem to find doc to explain or say its not yet a feature...  I  
have to admit I am still glancing through the archive of this list.

It I try to drag from the the list towards one of the other  
collections, I bomb Chandler.

Is this a bug I should add?

OSX 10.5.7 ( intel)  Chandler 1.0.3

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