[chandler-users] Problem entering location

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Thu May 21 17:45:48 PDT 2009

In calendar view, if I enter a location for an event as "M - 9 Peter 
Street", then another as "M - 32 miles", I then find that if I try later 
  to enter a location of just "M" followed by a return, I can't do it 
because it keeps trying to use one of the previous values. Is this a
bug ?

I also note that the location field doesn't initially look like a 
control into which text can be entered. This doesn't seem very 
intuitive. Is this cunning design or just confusing ?

Despite these niggles, this is shaping up to be useful !

Many thanks to all the developers and testers out there.

Is Chandler desktop easy to build under windows XP ?  I might be 
interested in playing with some bits of the code.

Many thanks, J/.
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